About me

Welcome on my virtual assistant site!

My name is Boglárka Erdős, I am a virtual assistant and the owner of V-assist website. The idea of starting a new business has been on my mind for a while now, but I haven’t found anything that suits me for real. Then after some time I came accross the virtual assistant profession. I was happy to have finally found an opportunity which seems to be fitting for me. As my main tasks in my previous jobs consisted of assisting, administration and dealing with clients, I also have enough experience to be able to support you and your business properly.

More about me…

In my opinion I have the right qualities and skills for the virtual assistant profession.

I am pro-active

  • always trying to think ahead
  • if I run into a problem, after solving it I definitely analyze it, as a result next time I can react to it more effectively or I will be able to avoid it
  • I love thinking in order, I like structuring my work and I always want to pass that knowledge on
  • always striving for self-improvement: the more I know, the better my job will be

I am precise and believe in the importance of detail

  • I worked as a legal assistant where precision and accuracy are essential
  • it is important that I revise my work several times
  • I consider it very important to meet the deadlines, I will not have any delays!

I love to-do lists

  • there is nothing better than having your tasks organized!
  • transparent and easy to use
  • deadlines won’t be missed

I like to organize

  • keeping everything in mind (thanks to my lists)
  • always striving to find the best of everything, meeting your needs
  • I communicate with people easily, I am patient and kind to anyone

When I am not working:

Personally, I believe if you get to know me a little better, you will trust me more. I have many hobbies, because I like to try new things and I love the less “usual” things. I love:

  • sports: I play chess and football in a team. I also play at tablesoccer tournaments
  • travelling, hiking, reading, learning
  • volunteering: I walk shelter dogs and I was also lucky to be involved in organizing a chocolate collection at Christmas, as well as distributing Santa packages last year. I am a regular blood donor.

If you want to know more about me, you can check out my CV in Hungarian and English. You can also find references about me on my Linkedin profile.